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Hair Restoration: Am I wasting my money?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Hair Restoration: Am i Wasting my money?


Hair loss is a common problem that affects people of all ages and genders. While some people may choose to accept their hair loss, others may want to explore options for restoring their hair. However, with so many products and treatments available, it can be challenging to know whether or not they are worth the investment. In this blog post, we will discuss one man's experience with a hair restoration regimen and how tracking hair density numbers with the MyHairCounts app helped him to stay on track and achieve his hair growth goals.

Mr. C's Hair Growth Regimen

Mr. C is a MyHairCounts app user who has been following a comprehensive hair growth regimen to slow and reverse his hair loss. He even waited to start the first hair loss treatment until after his barber was trained to take baseline hair images. His regimen includes a Laser Hair Growth helmet, topical Minoxidil Gel, Topical Finasteride, and dermal roller. Mr. C pays his barber to take a set of eight hair/scalp images using the MyHairCounts system to track his progress.

Mr. C's Experience with Hair Density Analysis

After four months of using his hair growth regimen, Mr. C noticed no hair growth or improvement from the images, or worse. However, when we analyzed his hair density data, we found that his hair density had actually increased from 95 hair/cm^2 to 143 hair/cm^2 – a 50% increase! It's clear that Mr. C's regimen is working for him, even if he can't see the results with his naked eye.

Before after Hair density comparison on Mr C
Increase in Hair Density by 50 % in 5 months

Why Some People Don't See Hair Growth Results

During the first 3-6 months of hair regrowth treatments, the hair is just too small to see for many people. By the 9-12 month mark, the hair will grow long and thick enough to see in the mirror or a regular photo. In fact, Mr. C is not alone. We saw many examples of “I cannot see a change” in hair clinical studies. When asking hair study participants for their own observation of their hair growth after treatment, they did not see change, even when the hair density numbers significantly increased.

The Importance of Tracking Hair Density Numbers

If Mr. C had based his assessment solely on the “no improvement” from the mirror or pictures alone, he may have become discouraged or even stopped his treatments. Instead, by tracking his hair density numbers, he had objective evidence of greater hair density and was able to continue his treatment with confidence. Tracking hair density numbers is essential for anyone using a hair growth regimen or treatment who wants to prepare for success.

The Benefits of MyHairCounts App

The MyHairCounts app is a powerful tool for tracking hair density numbers and monitoring hair growth progress over time. The app allows users to take photos of their hair/scalp and analyze hair density with the help of our imaging kit and by using advanced technology. MyHairCounts also provides personalized hair growth recommendations based on users' hair density analysis, ensuring that they are using the most effective treatments for their hair loss concerns.


If you are struggling with hair loss and are considering a hair growth regimen or treatment, don't rely solely on the mirror or pictures to assess your progress. Instead, use the MyHairCounts app to track your hair density numbers and monitor your hair growth progress objectively. With the help of the app, you can be confident that your hair growth regimen is working and take the necessary steps to restore your hair and boost your self-esteem. Remember, you can be hilariously young, at any age! Download now!

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