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Explore the Importance of Hair Density Tracking For Effective Hair Loss Treatment.

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Importance of Hair Density Tracking For Effective Hair Loss Treatment.

Why tracking hair density is crucial for successful hair loss treatments? Are you one of those people who feel frustrated with hair loss and have given up on treatments prematurely? Have you ever felt like the treatments you were using didn't work because you couldn't see any visible changes in the mirror?

If so, you're not alone. Many people give up on hair loss treatments prematurely because they cannot see the improvements in their hair density and thickness. In fact, a recent clinical trial for a laser treatment device for hair loss showed that many participants were unable to see the significant improvements in hair density and thickness that occurred after using the treatment.

Person looking in mirror and unable to see improvements in hair growth

However, the inability to see changes in the mirror is not necessarily an indication that the treatments are not working.

One participant, JJ, believed the device didn't work for him, even though a hair image and density analysis showed a significant increase in both hair density and hair shaft thickness. When the nurse called to inform JJ of the positive results, he admitted he couldn't tell the difference in the mirror.

Before and after treatment hair density analysis of patient named JJ
The left is at week 0 (before he used a treatment). The right one is at week 14 (after he used it) He has more than a 35% increase in hair counts.

This highlights an important issue: people often can't see changes in their hair density or thickness, which can lead them to prematurely give up on hair loss treatments. In a previous study, it was shown that people cannot "see and realize" hair loss after losing as much as 30% of their hair.

Similarly, new hair growth is gradual and often goes unnoticed. That's why it's crucial to track your hair density regularly using tools like MyHairCounts.

This tracking device allows you to see the subtle changes in your hair density and thickness, which can encourage you to continue with your hair loss treatments. It takes patience and time to see results, and tracking your hair density can give you the evidence you need to sustain your patience and see the improvements in your hair growth.

MyHairCounts uses a technique called Phototrichogram also referred to as photo trichoscopy or trichoscopy to measure hair density and growth parameters accurately. This technique is the gold standard for measuring hair density in clinical trials, with both images and high-accuracy hair density numbers.

MyHairCounts takes 8 to 12 images per session for analysis, providing the most useful information and evidence. This allows you to see objective evidence of subtle changes in your hair thickness, often months before it becomes noticeable in the mirror. Also Seeing the objective evidence early can encourage you to continue with your hair loss treatments or seek timely professional help.

The myHairCounts tracking tool is unique because it allows you to monitor your hair density on your own phone affordable anytime and anywhere. You can use it at home, in the stylist's chair, or at a doctor's office. It is more than just a data tracking tool; it can motivate you by providing images and improvement at your fingertips. In addition to tracking hair density, MyHairCounts also allows you to track product or regimen usage and changes over time. This information is automatically aligned with each photo by dates, so you can easily see changes by the start and last days of products being used. The before-and-after images allow you to see each image angle of your hair with a simple click.

So, if you're someone who has struggled with hair loss and given up on treatments prematurely, consider using a tracking tool like MyHairCounts.

MyHairCounts Hair Density Tracker Download qr

With regular monitoring, you'll be able to see the progress you're making and be encouraged to continue with your hair loss treatments. Remember, hair regrowth takes time, but with a little patience and tracking, you can achieve the hair growth you desire.

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