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MyHairCounts® in your med spa, trichologist !

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Use MyHairCounts  is far more than just an app!


Our MyHairCounts-Pro suite of tools are designed for any professionals treating hair loss to

  • provide hair density analysis to support DCT (Distributed Clinical Trials) on hair products

  • provide hair transplant surgeons remote follow-up capabilities

  • improve hair growth client retention, treatment adherence and treatment success.

  • enable proactive treatment adjustment based on client progress 

  • alert you if clients' compliance or progress is off

  • provide real-time hair density analysis in consultation


If you are a stylist or hair salon, we pay you to take professional hair and scalp images for our customers so they can track hair growth progress with precise hair density analysis. We even refer clients to you if you are CIP (MyHairCounts Certified Imaging Professional). 

So MyHairCounts is for you, your clients or your patients. 

Learn more on how to improve your bottom line while helping clients with their hair restoration, book a call or contact us. 




  • Why do I need MyHairCounts MIP certification to take hair images?
    MyHairCounts is the go-to app for anyone with hair loss to track progress from treatments. The users need someone to take good images of their hair and scalp regularly. Many pay their stylists, barbers or esthetician for this. Taking pictures of face and hair may appear easy. But taking high quality images needed for accurate hair density analysis is not. It is a specialty called Macro-photography. As a MyHairCounts Imaging Professional (MIP), you will be paid to take these images for your clients. But the images must meet certain standards so the clients get accurate hair density results. So the reason for certification is to master the skills and knowledge needed to take high quality hair and skin images consistently and quickly. MyHairCounts Certification process helps you to achieve that.
  • What is an MyHairCounts Imaging Profession (MIP) Certification Program?
    (1) The MyHairCounts Imaging Professional (MIP) Certification program is offered to licensed beauty professional only. It consists of two 30-min remote lessons via Zoom, covering about 10 topics. (2) There are assignments to practice the skills and knowledge learned from the lessons. Study at your own pace and schedule. (3) Remote coaching and support (Zoom, phone, email) are availble as needed during the entire process until certification is received. (4) All assignments will be graded. (5) A final test to receive the MIP certification. (The Independent Imaging Test - when the professional takes a set of images to be analyzed with good accuracy within a certain time)
  • How much time I need to spend to get my MyHairCounts Imaging Professional (MIP) Certification?
    Typically 2.5-3 hours of total time commitment is recommended to obtain MIP. The program is self-paced. We encourage to complete the certification within 30 days of signing up. The sooner you get MIP, the sooner you can charge for your service.
  • How long is the MIP certification valid?
    The certification is good for one year. There is no cost to renewal if a certified professional has been actively working with clients on imaging. If there is a prolonged period of non-activity, (12-month), a new test may be required to ascertain the soundness of knowledge and skill to maintain certification status.
  • How much should I charge for my MyHairCounts imaging service?
    You are actually a specialized professional photographer as an MIP. Clients typically take a new set of repeat images every 30-90 days to track progress depending on their treatment. A MIP should be able to take the images in 5-9 minutes after doing it for a while. Stylists and Barbers typically charge $10 - 50/image session to take a set of 8 images for each session. Depending on your clientele, you can set a profitable price that works well for you.
  • As a stylist, how do I make money with the MyHairCounts® system?
    You clients pay you to take images to track their hair loss or treatment progress. You can get certified to take images of scalp hair with MyHairCounts® app. This allows you to charge a fee appropriate for your clienteles for offering a new service of helping to track hair loss or hair growth.
  • How does the MyHairCounts® point reward system work for stylists?
    When a stylist refer a client who downloads the MyHairCounts® app, valuable points are rewarded to the stylist. Same goes true with beauticians. These points are automatically tracked by the add and can be redeemed for gift cards and other prize awards.
  • Can I take images of any part of my client's scalp with the MyHairCounts®?
    It is not a simple answer. It is best to get MyHairCounts certified before charging clients for hair imaging. The app provides guidance on where the images should be taken. The simple process allows for consistency in measurement of hair density over time.
  • As a stylist, do I have to pay for the MyHairCounts® smart phone app?
    No. The MyHairCounts smartphone app is free to download for you and your clients.
  • Is it easy to get a client signed up for the MyHairCounts® app?
    Very Simple. You need to install the app on your phone. Then from your MyHairCounts app use the "Refer a friend" feature to invite your client. You client will receive a link from your for download the app. After his/her app is installed, you will earn reward points for these referrals, which can be redeemed for gift cards and other prizes.
  • Are there different MyHairCounts® imaging analysis packages?
    There are package options available! See the "Products and Services" tab in the app to see all available packages.
  • What type of clients are interested in using the MyHairCounts® system?
    Anyone who expresses hair loss concerns! Especially those candidates who plan to use or are currently using hair regrowth products or is considering a hair regrowth treatment plan.
  • What scalp features are monitored and tracked with the MyHairCounts images?
    Hair density, amount of hair grayness, and amount of dandruff on the scalp.
  • How often do imaging sessions need to be done?
    The frequency of imaging sessions is dependent upon the client’s specific situation, and it’s up to the client and their stylist to decide. We suggest it to coincide with their visits. Every other visit is the most common interval.
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