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Frequently Asked Questions
Professional Use Only

MyHairCounts® is a new technology to quantitatively measure hair density.  The answers to our most frequently asked questions are below.  This information is for professional use only.

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Anyone who is concerned about hair loss and scalp health would be interested in the MyHairCounts® system.  Especially those candidates who are currently using hair regrowth products or is considering a hair regrowth treatment plan.

How does the revenue sharing process work for each MyHairCounts® imaging session?

As a salon owner, is MyHairCounts® going to cost me anything upfront or when my stylists do these imaging sessions?

How does the MyHairCounts® point system work for my stylists?

Is it OK to take images of any part of my client’s scalp with the MyHairScope®?

As a stylist, do I have to pay for the MyHairCounts® smart phone app?


Do my clients have to pay for each MyHairCounts® imaging session, or can they buy them in packages?

Is the MyHairCounts® easy to take care of?  How do I clean it per COVID requirements?

What type of clients are interested in using the MyHairCounts® system?

What scalp features are monitored and tracked with the MyHairScope® images?

How often do the imaging sessions need to be done?

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